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GeoCeramica Porcelain



GeoCeramica® is available in three thicknesses, 10mm, 40mm and 60mm. 40mm is ideal for patio paving whilst 10mm works well for both indoor spaces and for exterior detailing elements such as step treads.

GeoCeramica® is available in four variations, each of which is available in several colours. Designers and homeowners will have options all the way from the front driveway right to the back garden.

  • Impasto: Designed to deliver the traditional look of Belgium Bluestone, Impasto’s subtle veins, lines and patterns are available in either Grigio or Noir.
  • Marmostone: Inspired by natural marble paving, Marmostone is an excellent choice for the garden and is available in Black, Grey and Taupe.
  • Fiordi: Fiordi’s textured, variegated surface is inspired by sandstone, and is available in Fumo, Grigio and Sand colours.
  • Bluestone: Bluestone has an elegant, densely specked surfaces finish – the impermeability of porcelain makes it immune to the staining resulting from vehicle use, making it an excellent new option for driveways.

Rugged and beautiful, easy and efficient to install, GeoCeramica®  will change the way that you see your gardens and drives.


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