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Nails, Screws & Bolts

We keep both nails and screws in stock of different size and thickness. Available Nails are:
  Sizes Quantities
Round Nails 25mm - 150mm 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Oval Nails 25mm - 150mm 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Lost Head Nails 65mm only 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Masonry Nails 25mm - 100mm 25 & 100 Box
Galvanised Clout Nails 25mm - 100m 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Galvanised Felt Nails 13mm - 25mm 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Panel Pins 30mm only 500gm Box only
Available Screws are:
Recess Twinthread Screws 8mm x 3/4" - 12mm x 4" 100 & 200 Box
Brass Woodscrews 10mm x 2 1/2" - 12mm x 3" Any Quantity
Dry Wall Screws 32mm & 42mm 200 & 1000 Box
Driva Screws 5mm x 30mm Any Quantity
Other available fixings are:
Galvanised Staples 15mm - 40mm 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Galvanised Spring Heads 65mm only 500gm & 2.5Kg Box
Frame Fixings M10 x 80mm - M10 x 160mm Any Qty, 25 & 50 Box
Hammer Fixings M5 x 50mm - M8 x 120mm Any Qty, 50 & 100 Box
Spring Toggles M5 x 50mm Any Qty & 50 Box
Bolts available are:
Hook Bolt 80mm - 200mm Any Quantity
Straining Bolt M8 x 200mm only Any Quantity
Roofing Bolt M6 x 25mm - M8 x 100mm Any Quantity
Expansion Raw Bolt M6 x 80mm only Any Quantity
Projecting Raw Bolt M6 x 80mm & M6 x 90mm Any Quantity
Cup Square Threaded Bolt M10 x 100mm - M10 x 200mm Any Quantity
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