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We hold a range of different manufactures bricks in stock. As well as the bricks below we can also get bricks from the manufacter which are not in stock. Depending where the brick is produced it can take 1 - 5 days to get in stock.
Ibstock Brick
Hanson Brick
Wienerberger Brick
Baggeridge Brick
Pheniox Brick
Caradale Brick
Ibstock Brick
65mm Tradesman Textured

65mm Tradesman Cheviot

65mm Etruria Mixture 65mm Himley Mixed Russet
65mm Aldridge Multi Rustic 65mm Class B Engineering
65mm Himley Golden Russet 65mm Anglian Buff Multi Rustic
65mm Staffordshire Slate Blue  

Hanson Brick - Butterley
65mm Sherwood Red 65mm Sherwood Buff
65mm Nottingham Red  
Hanson Brick - London
65mm Chiltern 65mm & 73mm Heather
65mm & 73mm Rustic 65mm Tudor
65mm Windsor  

Wienerberger Brick
65mm Class B Engineering 65mm Peak Red Rustic

Baggeridge Brick
65mm Marlborough Smooth Red 65mm & 73mm Staffordshire Smooth Blue
65mm Harvest Buff Multi  

Pheniox Brick
73mm Class B Engineering 65mm & 73mm Weathered Red

Caradale Brick
65mm & 73mm Scotch Common  
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